The following updates and corrections cover significant changes made for the November 2015 edition of The Northern Caminos, along with any subsequent edits. Please note that we have not included minor price changes here (for example, an albergue price increasing by a euro), though inflation has struck many of the accommodations along the way. Page numbers corresponding to the 2014 edition are included in parentheses.

Stage 1: Ferrol to Pontedeume
  • Neda's Albergue de Peregrinos has a kitchen (273)

Stage 2: Pontedeume to Betanzos
  • Miño's Albergue de Peregrinos has a kitchen and new phone number: 981 784 254 (278)
  • Betanzos's Albergue de Peregrinos now has 35 beds (279)

Stage 3: Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma
  • Presedo's Albergue de Peregrinos has a kitchen (281)
  • Hospital de Bruma's Albergue de Peregrinos now has 22 beds (283)

Stage 4: Hospital de Bruma to Santiago de Compostela
  • Sigüero now has two private albergues: Albergue de Delia (15€, includes breakfast, kitchen, W/D, c/Portiño 21, 687 279 398) and Albergue O Fogar da Chisca (16€, includes breakfast, 12 beds, kitchen, W/D, @, Rúa do Campo 4, 626 592 444) (286)


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