The following updates and corrections cover significant changes made for the November 2015 edition of The Northern Caminos, along with any subsequent edits. Please note that we have not included minor price changes here (for example, an albergue price increasing by a euro), though inflation has struck many of the accommodations along the way. Page numbers corresponding to the 2014 edition are included in parentheses.

Stage 1: Sebrayo to Pola de Siero
  • New albergue in Villaviciosa: Albergue Villaviciosa (11-15€, 28 beds, kitchen, W/D, wifi, c/Marqués de Villaviciosa, 985 891 555 (139)
  • Villaviciosa's Hotel Carlos I now charges 25€ for singles, 40€ for doubles, including breakfast
  • Vega de Sariego's Albergue de Peregrinos has a new phone number (985 748 402) and keys are now available from Supermercado Camín de Santiago (215)
  • Pola de Siero's Hotel Loriga now charges 33-44€ for singles and 44-54€ for doubles (216)

Stage 2: Pola de Siero to Oviedo 
  • Oviedo's Albergue de Peregrinos now has 51 beds, opens at 1300 May-September (call to confirm the opening time the rest of the year), and has been relocated to c/Leopoldo Alás 20. Credenciales are available (219)
  • Oviedo's Villa Cecilia has a new phone number: 657 853 334 (219)
  • Oviedo's Hotel Ovetense now charges 30-35€ (singles), 40-50€ (doubles), and 57-63€ (triples) (219)

Stage 3: Oviedo to San Juan de Villapañada
  • Grado's Hotel Autobar now charges 22-24€ for singles, 36€ for doubles

Stage 4: San Juan de Villapañada to Bodenaya

  • Salas's Albergue La Campa now charges 10€ and has 40 beds (228)
  • Bodenaya's Albergue de Peregrinos is generally open all year, but pilgrims should confirm its availability in winter in advance (229)

Stage 5: Bodenaya to Campiello
  • La Espina's Albergue El Cruce is a Donativo and has 12 beds, a kitchen, and a W/D available. Albergue El Texu, meanwhile, offers communal meals, has W/D and @, and charges 10-12€ (230)
  • Tineo's Albergue de Peregrinos now charges 5€ and has a W/D (232)
  • Tineo's Hostal Don Miguel now charges 40-50€ for doubles (232)

Stage 6: Campiello to Berducedo
  • Borres's Albergue de Peregrinos is now more regularly maintained, charges 5€, and keys and credenciales are available from the bar (235)
  • Berducedo's Albergue de Peregrinos - keys are now available from Bar El Cafetín (238)

Stage 7: Berducedo to Grandas de Salime

  • Pola de Allande's Albergue de Peregrinos is now open year-round (239)
  • Keys to Peñaseita's Albergue de Peregrinos are available from Bar Viñas (239)
  • La Mesa's Albergue de Peregrinos has a new phone number: 633 148 071 (241)
  • Grandas de Salime's Albergue de Peregrinos has a new phone number: 633 148 071 (242)

Stage 8: Grandas de Salime to Padrón

  • Castro's Albergue Juveníl's price includes breakfast; @ available (243)
  • Padrón's Albergue de Peregrinos has a W/D (246)

Stage 9: Padrón to Cádavo Baleira
  • Cádavo Baleira's Hotel Moneda now charges 25€ for singles, 40€ for doubles (251)

Stage 10: Cádavo Baleira to Lugo
  • Two new youth hostels in Lugo: Youth Hostel Centro de Ocio Lug2 (9-13€, meals available, private rooms available, kitchen, W/D, @, c/Rúa Pintor Corredoira 4, 982 220 450) and Hostel Roots & Boots (10€, meals available, private rooms available, W/D, @, Crta. Santiago 216, 633 327 550) (255)

Stage 11: Lugo to As Seixas
  • San Román da Retorta's Albergue O Candido has 21 beds, a private room, and serves meals, but no W/D, and is located 1km outside of town (259)
  • As Seixas's Casa Goriños has a W/D available (261)

Stage 12: As Seixas to Arzúa
  • Many private albergues available in Melide, including O Palpador (679 837 969), O Cruceiro (616 764 896), Pereiro (981 506 314), and San Antón (698 153 672) (264)
  • Boente has two private albergues: Albergue Boente (10€ bed, 35€ double, 50 beds, meals available, W/D, @, 981 501 974) and Albergue Os Albergues (11€, 30 beds, meals available, W/D 629 146 826) (265)


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It is good to see that you have updated the price list. Many reputed places also don't do that. The result is we end up planning for the previous budget and the new prices will create a lot of chaos.

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