The following updates and corrections cover significant changes made for the Summer 2016 reprint of The Northern Caminos, along with any subsequent edits. Please note that we have not included minor price changes here (for example, an albergue price increasing by a euro), though inflation has struck many of the accommodations along the way. Page numbers corresponding to the 2015 edition are included in parentheses. 2015 updates can be found in a previous post.

Note that edits to this reprint have been more limited than normal, as we're preparing for a significant revamping of the guidebook for 2017.

Stage 1: Sebrayo to Pola de Siero
  • New albergue in Amandí, 2km after Villaviciosa: Albergue La Ferrería (donativo, 12 beds, kitchen, communal meals, W/D, 646 516 846)
  • Alto de la Campa's bar has closed and the petrol station no longer carries provisions (214)

Stage 2: Pola de Siero to Oviedo 
  • No updates

Stage 3: Oviedo to San Juan de Villapañada
  • New albergue in Grado: Albergue Villa de Grado (Donativo, 16 beds, kitchen, breakfast, open March-October, washing machine, located in La Morantina)
  • San Juan de Villapañada's Albergue de Peregrinos will now wash/dry clothes for pilgrims (225)
  • Pilgrim Alan alerts us to an error in our directions: on page 223, first Paragraph, last sentence: “Fork left and proceed 700 m into ‘Venta del Escamplero’.  The correct fork direction is to the right, NOT to the left as stated in the book.  Forking left follows the AS-232 into Venta del Escamplero.

Stage 4: San Juan de Villapañada to Bodenaya
  • No updates

Stage 5: Bodenaya to Campiello
  • Tineo has a new albergue in the basement of the **** Hotel Palacio de Merás (10€, 54 beds, steam and sauna rooms, real sheets!) (232)
  • Campiello's Casa Herminia is now open year-round. Rates for 2016 include 10€ for beds, 40€ singles, and 50€ doubles (234)
  • Campiello has a new albergue: Albergue Casa Ricardo (10€, 35€ doubles, kitchen, W/D, wifi, and meals available, 985 800 709) (234)

Stage 6: Campiello to Berducedo
  • Berducedo's Albergue Camín Antiguo has 16 beds (238)
  • New albergue in Berducedo: Albergue Camino Primitivo (12€, 18 beds, open all year, meals available, washing machine, 680 625 036)

Stage 7: Berducedo to Grandas de Salime
  • Embalse de Salime's Hotel Las Grandas: Pilgrim rates for 2016: singles 25-30€, doubles 40-50€ (241)
  • From Pilgrim Alan: "An attractive new private albergue (Casa Sãnchez, €12) opened in May 2016.  It has a great kitchen and common room.  Located on the Camino; 626 665 118,"

Stage 8: Grandas de Salime to Padrón

  • No updates

Stage 9: Padrón to Cádavo Baleira

  • No updates

Stage 10: Cádavo Baleira to Lugo
  • No updates

Stage 11: Lugo to As Seixas
  • Ferreira's Albergue Ponte Ferreira's phone numbers are 616 161 594 and 982 036 949. The albergue is open mid-March through October, and it's open daily 13:00 - 22:00. All meals and wifi available (260). Beds now cost 10€, as does dinner
  • New albergue in Ferreira, opening May 19: Albergue A Nave de Ferreira: 10€, 38 beds, doubles 35-40€, open April - October, open daily 13:00-22:00, meals available (dinner costs 10€), W/D, wifi, 982 173 188, 636 735 258
  • Ferreira's Casa da Ponte's phone number is 982 183 077 (260)

Stage 12: As Seixas to Arzúa
  • Also from Alan: "A new private albergue, complete with a bar and restaurant has opened (Hostel/Albergue Alfonso II, €12).  Located in Avenida Ioques e Friol - on the Camiño Primitivo; 981 50 64 54"


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