The following updates highlight any changes to the Camino Inglés in 2017-18 to The Northern Caminos. Please note that we have not included minor price changes here (for example, an albergue price increasing by a euro), though inflation has struck many of the accommodations along the way. Page numbers corresponding to the 2015 edition are included in parentheses. 2015 and 2016 updates can be found in previous posts; the 2016 updates following our re-walk are particularly significant.

Stage 1 - Ferrol to Pontedeume
  • A significant shortcut is possible from the 12th-century San Martín de Xubia, turning right immediately after the old monastery and crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Ría de Ferrol. Just before the Neda station, turn left and then right immediately after, passing under the A-8. Cross the N-642, turn right, and then left immediately after, rejoining the official route here. This trims 6.4km off the day’s walk 
  • The route has changed soon after the Viaduct Romariz, passing a roundabout with a café and then turning inland, largely circumventing Cabañas. Here's the route description: Turn left at the roundabout, cross through a second roundabout, then turn right on the other side of the N-651. After 500m, at house #32, turn left uphill and then turn right soon after. Fork right 400m later, descending back to the N-651. 600m later, turn right on a path heading due south. At a T-junction 100m later, turn left and then pass under the E-1. Continue 600m and then turn R at the next T-junction. Proceed 1.1km, cross the N-651, and then keep straight on for another 500m. Fork right, turn left, and then cross diagonal-ly over another highway. Finally, join the N-651 on the outskirts of Cabañas (bars). Fol-low the highway for 1.2km, crossing the bridge over the Río Eume. Turn right immediately after the bridge and proceed 200m to the albergue in Pontedeume. 

Stage 2 - Pontedeume to Betanzos
  • The route has changed after Miño. After passing the Mesón Alameda and crossing under the N-651, turn left and then right immediately after, joining a riverside road. 1.3km later, turn right and cross a stone bridge. Turn left and proceed 800m into Lambre. Turn left, then right, then right again, walking downhill. Arrive at the N-651 700m later and turn left in Viñas. At this point, you rejoin the old route

Stage 3 - Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma
  • Stage 3: Reader Andrew shares that in summer 2017 the route changed in part towards the end of this section. He writes, "the path after Leiro is very different and does not include a stop by Bar Julia. The final stages are probably the same but the route did look knew, the way markers were quite pristine. I used an app to log the route and the new one takes you through Leiro on the DP - 0150. It then takes you off the road and onto a wide dirt track uphill for several miles. It takes you past the Encoro de Beche. This is a reservoir. It has toilets and a camping area. You then get back onto the road and route takes you under AP9.  You follow the road and then go off onto a path through woods to Vao.  You then go across countryside which is mostly heathland and some woods. This takes you eventually to a side road and onto AC542. Here you find the Bar Casa Avelina on Avenida Travesas in Veira. You then walk down the AC 542 alongside an electricity plant. You then turn left opposite the road to the Castro das Travesas Hill fort. You go down the track past a chicken farm. This conforms to your instruction "After 400m, near farm buildings, turn right..." etc. This gets you to Bruma"

Stage 4 - Hospital de Bruma to Santiago
  • There are many route changes in this stage (and really, it should be two stages at this point, now that plenty of albergue options exist in Sigüeiro--this is something that will change in the next edition). These include:
  • After crossing the E-1 expressway, some 6km from Calle de Poulo, turn right on the other side; the next 4.5km proceed roughly alongside the expressway, following dirt tracks. Just before arriving at an industrial plant, fork left and then turn right 400m later. Follow this road for 1.2km and then turn left onto a footpath. Pass along the left side of the swimming pool and continue straight for 500m to the roundabout. Turn left and then take the next right on Rúa Río Lengüelle. Turn left on Rúa do Tambre and then the next right on Rúa Camiño Real. Turn left on the main road, in the center of Sigüeiro
  • Leaving Sigüeiro, cross over the Río Tambre and continue along the N-550 for 600m. Turn right and then left, and then right again, following a minor road across the E-8 900m later. Turn left on the other side and then continue to zigzag through quiet countryside, following minor roads and dirt tracks for the next 3.5km, passing the edge of A Torre and the Hotel San Vicente
  • Join the N-550 800m later, following it for the next 700m. Fork right onto a minor road, cross the railroad, and then turn left 500m later onto a dirt track. Proceed 1.8km through the woods. Loop behind the Hotel-Restaurante Castro (singles 41€, doubles 50€, 981 509 304) and then join a track running alongside the N-550 soon after. 1km later, turn right away from the highway, skirting the edge of an industrial plant, before turning left to enter it 1.2km after that (Café-Bar Poligono on right).
  • Keep straight on for the next 1.7km, ultimately joining the Rúa do Tambre. Shortly after Bar Miro, fork left, following the Rúa do Meixonfrío for 400m before rejoining the Tambre. Descend to the N-634, cross it using the crosswalk to your left, and then proceed straight ahead, curving to the right, on Rúa de Mallou 300m later. Continue straight through a minor intersection, then fork right, following this road for 800m. Shortly after it curves right, turn left and proceed 100m, arriving at a major intersection. Pass to the left of a McDonald’s, cross over the N-634, and then turn right on the other side, following a pedestrian walkway as it curves left. Perform a similar maneuver at the next roundabout, continuing straight on Rúa da Pastoriza, which becomes Rúa dos Basquiños, Rúa de Santa Clara, and Rúa de San Roque in quick succession. 1.1km later, fork right onto Rúa Santa Clara as you pass by the Convento de Santa Clara.
  • You are now entering the old town of Santiago. Follow the road as it winds through the compact quarters, becoming Rúa dos Loureiros, Rúa da Porta da Pena, Rúa da Fonte de San Miguel, and then Rúa da Troia. Turn right to proceed into the Plaza Immaculada, de-scend the steps through the arch, and arrive in the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago!



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